There are tons of reasons for which you would consider replacing your wet room drain, from moving to a new house to simply changing an old and obsolete one. Whatever the case might be, choosing the perfect shower drain system shouldn’t be left as a final decision – after all, you wouldn’t want to change the tiling in your new shower area just because you have yet another idea as to what drains you should choose.

And there are quite a few choices which could be made, starting from the basic ones (as to what type of drain your shower should have) to the extra features that could be added (such as modern designs and even led decorations). But first things first, you should always begin with finding the retailer that could offer you the most varied range of supplies. If you do this from the first place, then you will definitely save a whole lot amount of time when searching for your next wet room drain system.

The next thing you should keep in mind is the material the drains are made of. And this is a pretty simple choice to be made, with all the materials which are water resistant. However, you could always narrow down your search and choose the fabric everybody chooses – and that is stainless steel. Easy to maintain, safe, completely water resistant (with the right maintenance) and quite easy to install, a stainless steel system is, without any arguing, the best choice to be made.

After you have chosen these two, you should decide on the type of drain system – it all depends on you whether it is a linear one or a standard one. In any way, you should choose these in accordance with the tiling for the shower. Also, based on the type of drains, if you go with the linear ones (which are used in most households), you should also keep in mind some certain instruction which you will most likely receive when doing the purchase (width of the opening, inclination, and so on).

Also, as far as the linear ones are concerned, you can choose between the corner and the wall drains.

If you go for the standard wet room drains system, you should also keep in mind the flow of water from your shower – which can be very easily calculated, if it isn’t already (by measuring water pressure, length of the water flow, and so on). The offer is more varied in here, since you are able to choose between round, square and many other types of drains.

Lastly, after all these choices, you can add some extra features to your new water drainage system, such as led lighting, modern designs, and others. Of course, if you go with any of these, the costs of both time and money could take a toll on you – however, there is another option which could be taken. And that is the ready-made drains, which are pretty stylish and reliable within themselves.

If you follow just these quick tips, you will certainly find the right new wet room drain system for your house. With the right maintenance, you shouldn’t be searching for quite a long time for new drains for your shower area.